21-Day Race Equity Challenge: Daily Calendar

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21-Day Race Equity Challenge Daily Calendar

Each day offers an opportunity to engage in a 10-minute, interactive exploration of a specific aspect of race or equity, particularly as it applies to child abuse and neglect prevention and intervention. We encourage you to record your thoughts and responses to open-ended questions. Your notes will generate a private journal that you will be able to download and save before you leave the module. We also encourage you to share and engage with others around these issues. Talking about race and equity is the first step in the journey.

Week 1: Building a shared understanding of how race equity issues manifest in child welfare

Day 1

Starting Down the Road to Equity

Day 2


Day 3

[Day 3 Theme]

Day 4

[Day 4 Theme]

Day 5

[Day 5 Theme]

Day 6

[Day 6 Theme]

Day 7

[Day 7 Theme]

Week 2: Intersections between systemic racism in our broader society and disproportionality and disparity in child welfare

Day 8

[Day 8 Theme]

Day 9

[Day 9 Theme]

Day 10

[Day 10 Theme]

Day 11

[Day 11 Theme]

Day 12

[Day 12 Theme]

Day 13

[Day 13 Theme]

Day 14

[Day 14 Theme]

Week 3: Strategies and solutions—how we change our approaches to achieve fairness and equity

Day 15

[Day 15 Theme]

Day 16

[Day 16 Theme]

Day 17

[Day 17 Theme]

Day 18

[Day 18 Theme]

Day 19

[Day 19 Theme]

Day 20

[Day 20 Theme]

Day 21

[Day 21 Theme]