Child Abuse Prevention

Child Abuse Prevention

There are few shared tools for prevention planning that are used widely across, states, jurisdictions and communities. This not only means that individual prevention planning bodies must spend time and energy recreating tools and processes that others have developed, but it is harder for the field to share and compare data and information. In this innovation stream we explore tools and strategies to support prevention planning at state and community levels that can be adapted to your circumstances.


Digital Dialogues

Planning for Prevention Month: Mobilizing Support for Families During Challenging Times
A discussion about how it is more important than ever to use National Child Abuse Prevention Month (NCAPM) to mobilize communities to wrap around and support families.

An Innovative Prevention Planning Framework: Blending Multiple Strategies Together to Achieve Collective Impact
A discussion about a novel, practical approach to state prevention planning, and how this framework can help community-level prevention planning.

A Structured Approach to State Prevention Planning: Colorado and South Carolina’s Experience
Learn about a new approach to state prevention planning and the experience in two pilot states—Colorado and South Carolina.

Making it Add Up: Using a Common Framework to Aggregate Impact Across Prevention Programs
This dialogue highlights the experiences of a successful State Agency-University-Community partnership focused on documenting and evaluating 140+ diverse, community-based child abuse and neglect prevention programs across Alabama.

Our Tomorrows: Using Story Mapping to Inform Child Abuse and Neglect Planning Efforts
Learn how the University of Kansas is using story mapping software to understand the needs of children and families and inform child maltreatment prevention planning efforts.

Using Surveys and Focus Groups to Guide Prevention Planning
Learn more about how surveys and focus groups were used to inform prevention planning efforts in Colorado and South Carolina.

Asking for Help is a Sign of Strength: Changing Social Norms About Help Seeking
Discover how encouraging families to seek help can be centered as a child maltreatment prevention strategy.

Tools & Tip Sheets

Child Maltreatment Prevention: A Planning Framework for Action PDF
This framework provides a comprehensive guide to prevention planning at state and local levels. The following resources are included in the Framework document, but are also provided here as easily sharable tools and handouts:


Preventing Child Neglect Training Video Series
The Preventing Child Neglect training series raises public awareness and understanding of child maltreatment, its causes, protective factors that help shield children and families, and manageable steps that each of us can take to help reduce the likelihood of child neglect.