Child Neglect

Child Neglect

Neglect accounts for three out of four cases of child abuse and neglect. To truly prevent neglect, we need to understand the complex factors in play that lead to child neglect, differentiate between neglect arising from a current or one-time crisis and chronic neglect, and better understand the types of interventions that can make an impact.


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Parental Depression and Its Impact on Child and Family Well-being

Learn what new research is telling us about how to intervene effectively in support of depressed parents and their children.

Building Healthy Communities to Promote Child and Family Well-Being

Presenters from the National Alliance of Children's Trust and Prevention Funds talk about the intersection of poverty and child neglect.

Preventing Child Neglect Training Series

Learn about child maltreatment, its causes, protective factors, and manageable steps we all can take to help reduce the likelihood of child neglect.

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