About the CBLCC

About the CBLCC

The Children’s Bureau Learning and Coordination Center (CBLCC, formerly known as CANTASD) facilitates knowledge and skill-building and assists in raising awareness of the work being done by the Children’s Bureau, its federally funded grantees, and federal and national partner organizations to transform child welfare into a system focused on prevention and family well-being. The CBLCC also provides logistics and strategic communication services to support peer learning, meetings, special events, and multimedia resource development on issues relevant to the full spectrum of child welfare. Moreover, the CBLCC supports several constituency groups, including the Federal Interagency Work Group on Child Abuse and Neglect and the National Child Abuse Prevention Partners. Finally, the CBLCC develops content for the National Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect.

Peer Learning

We bring subject matter experts (SME) on diverse topics for Digital Dialogues—short, interactive webinars that encourage dialogue and information-sharing with presenters and among participants. We support Children’s Bureau (CB) grantee meetings and other events that promote information exchange and peer learning.


Our resources include the Building Community, Building Hope film series and other videos, along with discussion guides; the Prevention Planning Toolkit, with useful information, tip sheets, and templates for any strategic planning effort; WE CAN social media posts and adaptation toolkit, which enables programs to personalize messaging for their own purposes; and microlearning resources offering short, on-demand learning segments and practical tools.