Trauma and Healing

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Trauma and Healing

Those working in child welfare often work with children and adults who are healing from a history of trauma. This Innovation Stream focuses on understanding trauma, including how it affects development; relationships, especially children’s relationship with caregivers; and parenting.

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Digital Dialogue
Redressing the Wrongs of History video page

Redressing the Wrongs of History

Child welfare in the states can help to redress the wrongs of history by taking action and implementing the Indian Children Welfare Act (ICWA) effectively.

Digital Dialogue
Supporting Children and Youth Coping with Unresolved Loss Digital Dialogue video page

Supporting Children and Youth Coping with Unresolved Loss

Ambiguous loss can cause challenging reactions and affect a child's behavior, relationships, and learning. Understanding ambiguous loss, its impact on children, and how to promote resiliency and healthy coping for them, is important for both child welfare intervention and prevention communities.

From the Field
Polyvictimization PDF

From the Field: Understanding and Responding Proactively to Polyvictimization

This document captures key concepts and discussion with the field on the special needs of individuals experiencing polyvictimization.

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