Child Welfare Innovations

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Child Welfare Innovations

Child Welfare systems are beginning to reimagine the role that they can play in the lives of children and families. This innovation stream focuses on new approaches around kinship care, birth parent foster parent partnerships, and well-being for children and families involved with child welfare.

Featured Resources

Interactive Module

Birth Parent & Foster Caregiver Partnerships: A Family Systems Perspective

Grounded in family systems theory, this module explores the important relationships among birth parents, foster caregivers, and child welfare staff, along with family systems concepts that can help to make these partnerships successful. (ILM)

Digital Dialogue

Caring for Kinship Caregivers

In 2018, 2.7 million children were being raised in a kinship care family without a parent present—either with grandparents, aunts/uncles, siblings, or close family friends. While kinship caregivers provide essential support to children, many frequently need support to carry out this added responsibility effectively. (47:07)

Digital Dialogue

Promoting Healthy Behaviors for Kinship Caregivers

Kinship caregivers often prioritize their children’s needs before caring for their own. Learn more about kinship caregiver health and an approach to working with kinship caregivers that emphasizes self-compassion and self-care. (47:51)

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