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Prevention Planning

There are few shared tools for prevention planning that are used widely across, states, jurisdictions and communities. This not only means that individual prevention planning bodies must spend time and energy recreating tools and processes that others have developed, but it is harder for the field to share and compare data and information. In this innovation stream we explore tools and strategies to support prevention planning at state and community levels that can be adapted to your circumstances.

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Framework for Prevention Planning

Child Maltreatment Prevention: A Planning Framework for Action

This guide, developed by noted child maltreatment prevention researcher Deborah Daro based on work with two states, Colorado and South Carolina, provides a comprehensive guide to prevention planning at state and local levels.

NCAPM 2022 webinar video

NCAPM 2022 Webinar: Healthy Social-Emotional Development in Early Childhood: A Cornerstone of Primary Prevention

This webinar reinforced the Administration's commitment to fostering healthy well-being during the critical infant, toddler, and pre-school years as a proactive, prevention approach that promotes positive long-term outcomes for children and their caregivers.

Parent Community Asset Survey PDF

Parent and Community
Asset Survey

This short survey helps you learn from parents about the community supports and resources they use.

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