Preventing Child Neglect Training Series

Preventing Child Neglect Training Series

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Developed by CBLCC and the National Alliance of Children's Trust and Prevention Funds, the Preventing Child Neglect training series raises public awareness and understanding of child maltreatment, its causes, protective factors that help shield children and families, and manageable steps that each of us can take to help reduce the likelihood of child neglect. Share the highlights video below with your colleagues and the families you serve to provide an overview of what we can do to prevent child neglect. Ideal for a series of workshops or classes, the four training videos build upon each other and are designed to be viewed in sequential order. Each training video comes with a robust discussion toolkit that includes learning objectives, guidance for individual or group learning, a reflection journal, and links to additional resources.


Highlights Video



Training 1: Explore the Basics
The first training lays the foundation for the series by providing an overview of child neglect, types of neglect, and factors that influence how we take care of our children.
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Training 2: Fact or Fiction?
Training 2 shares key facts about child neglect and considers why some common assumptions may need closer examination.
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Training 3: Everyone’s Responsibility
Training 3 explores how protective factors can shield individuals and families from the risk factors of neglect.
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Training 4: What We All Can Do
Training 4 provides manageable steps and strategies at each level of the social ecological model to reduce the likelihood of child neglect. One person can make a difference.
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